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Grab & Go

Sausage rolls, spinach pies, fougasses, quiches, breads, meats, and sandwiches – welcome to your new favourite lunch stop.

One of the specialties here at Charcuterie Totoche is our Grab-and-Go Lunch “savories”. Our savouries are sometimes referred to as “salted pastry” because we combine the fine art of baking dough or crust with meats or vegetables – always using a lot of eggs, cream, cheese and fine flours with a nice mix of spices from nutmeg, juniper, cloves, caraway, and also including garlic, onions and some wine. 

Our Grab-and-Go Lunch savouries  provide you with fresh, outstanding snacks. They include sausage rolls, spinach pies, “tourtieres” “fougasses” and “quiches”. Alternatively, our pepperoni sticks make an awesome snack especially when paired with a fougasse. 

A more substantial lunch meal is our HBP sandwich (house cured ham, farm fresh butter, and our homemade pickles). It’s the most famous sandwich you’ll find in France, the Jambon, Beurre, Cornichon. Your appetite will also be satisfied by our grilled cheese or salami sandwiches.

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